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Over the course of the last 10 years, Collision Magazine has become the preeminent crash reconstruction print publication providing subscribers with access to timely, reliable and fresh research, thought-provoking reconstruction related studies and meaningful crash test data from multiple sources.  A semi-annual publication, Collision Magazine serves crash reconstructionists from the government and private sectors internationally. 

Every issue of Collision Magazine is packed with new, invaluable information on a variety of topics. Moreover, included with every issue is a data DVD compendium of the proceedings of either the ARC-CSI Crash Conference or the EDR Summit including presentations, reference material, crash data, videos, photos, and much more.

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Back Issues

If you have missed any issues of Collision, you can complete your research library simply by ordering the back issue(s) you are missing.

Please note we do not sell individual articles from the magazine. You would need to purchase the issue that contains the article you need.

ARC-CSI Crash ConferenceWhat you will find on the ARC-CSI Crash Conference Data DVDs:

  • Speaker Presentations: includes Power Point presentations from all of the speakers

  • Digital Photos: includes hundreds of high resolution photos. Each photo can be examined in full size.

  • Video Clips: includes dozens of crash test footage videos: Multiple formats and sizes. Some in hi def, DVD quality and high speed.

  • Instrumentation Data: IST Accelerometers, BRT accelerometers (vehicle and human), Bosch CDR Data and Toyota ROT files.

  • Drawings: DWG and DXF. Includes each vehicle before and after impact. Roadway evidence includes impact and rest positions.

  • Programs: exe files to programs that are needed to view certain files.Other related documents and files.

CDR User's Summit

What you will find with the EDR Summit digital download:

  • Speaker Presentations: includes Power Point presentations from all of the speakers

  • Speaker Handouts: any additional information provided by the presenters

  • Crash Data: if any crash testing was conducted at the CDR Summit, all of the associated captured data including video and photographs will be incouded on the disc

  • Programs: exe files to programs that are needed to view certain files.Other related documents and files.

    NOTE: To date the only Summits where crash testing was conducted were the 2011 and 2015 CDR User's Summit.


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