Showcase your expertise by submitting an article to Collision Magazine.

Submit an Article to Collision Magazine

Collision Magazine is always accepting articles and papers of interest for our publication. Most articles adhere to research and information in the dicipline of accident reconstruction, accident investigation, crash research and traffic safety. If you have written an article and would like to submit it for possible inclusion in Collision Magazine, please use the “upload material” link below to upload your abstract, draft or completed article to Crash Data Group for review.

Please refer to our Article Submission Guide for instructions on how to prepare your article for submission and final copy.

Benefits of Being Published in Collision

At the very minimum, submitting a peer-reviewed paper to Collision Magazine will provide you with useful feedback from experts in the field. Another advantage, and one of the most important, is the addition of being listed as an author in a professional publication on your curriculum vitae (C.V.). Other advantages include, building your reputation and getting your name out. Additionally, after you complete a well written, peer-reviewed paper, you now have material to present the topic(s) at various seminars and conferences!

Maybe you think you don’t have time to write an article with your current work-load. Your paper doesn’t have to be a research project started from scratch; it can be as simple as reworking material from a previous case or study. Publishing can be an important career step and give you a great sense of accomplishment. Although it takes time and practice, the end result will prove to be worthwhile.

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